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The Most Popular Window Treatments According to Nat Bowman Hill

Window treatments come in all shapes and sizes and are great for many reasons.

There are several styles that are more popular than others. The most popular is arguable the 2” Horizontal Blind.

This is a great window treatment because it is very affordable and lasts for years. Another window treatment that is very popular is the vertical blind.

Vertical blinds are also very affordable and are great for sliding glass doors. The only downside to them is that they are not stylish.

If you are looking more towards the style aspect, consider panel track blinds. These are also great for sliding glass doors. Panel Track samples can be ordered through blinds Las Vegas , blinds Cincinnati , blinds pittsburgh , blinds Montgomery , blinds Durham , and blinds Baton Rouge. Order samples by clicking on budget blinds , lowes blinds , american blinds , blinds Scottsdale , blinds San Jose , blinds Oklahoma City and blinds chicago. Once you are ready with your measurements go to blinds Huntington , blinds Austin , blinds Newark , blinds Orlando , and kitchen window treatments.

There are so many more window treatments out there that it can get overwhelming. Make sure you take enough time to figure out which is best for you and your situation.

Designer quality window treatments are more affordable than ever.

You can get all kinds of cool colors and schemes so your selection to choose from is huge. When thinking about designer quality, what comes to mind?

For us, we think about quality, uniqueness, and a sense of style that isn’t found in other products. In a window treatment, designer quality window treatments are not much more expensive than you would think.

One example is the Illusion Cellular collection. This collection has various colors that go well with all types of interior décor. The fabric itself has pleats and is part of the Illusion Collection. This means that not only is this window treatment designer quality, but it also has great functionality. You can find some more info at,,, and

They also have some window treatments that can be shipped to Ohio and also Carolina or you can go out and get some more at,,, and Yes, it’s true they even have free samples that you can get over here online over at,,, and Make sure to see their selection of window treatment and ideas you can get for your home if you head over to,, and Just go today and thank someone you saw it.

Bowmanshill values the importance of protecting our children and their safety.

Today we will tackle window blinds and child safety. Most people look at a window blind as nothing out of the ordinary.

However, make sure your window blinds have safety features so that any child who is near it doesn’t run the risk of being hurt.

The best way to ensure that window blinds are safe for children is by ordering them with a special cordless option.

This will completely eliminate any cords which mean the child has nothing to get tangled with. The same principle can be applies to window shades of all kinds.

If you want cords or chains on your blinds and still want to make them child safe, you can try using special tie downs which can also be called hold downs.You can get window blinds for sale like these horizontal blinds for sale online and vertical sliding glass door blinds on line. There you can read solar shades reviews and get on their blackout shades sale or see their motorized blinds under $200. There you can get low cost window shades and low price roman shades along with online bamboo blinds.  They basically hold the cord or chain close to the wall to prevent choking hazard.

A lot of our readers have their own wedding venue, thus, we often get asked simple and not expensive ways to upgrade their venue.

The answer that we give to our friends a lot of times if to get new window treatments for their venue. It sounds simple but the change can really make a huge change to your venue.

The best thing is that they come in so many colors that you can match them to just about anything. Also, if you want a more high tech venue, you can even get motorized blinds that you can control with a remote control. You can get the best blinds here that include custom wood blinds and also black vertical blinds. Lately you can even get a shade screen like these cheap blackout blinds or also motorized roller blinds. One thing is for sure is that you can save money online. And more importantly you can get buy roller shades like these linen roman shades and also a bamboo roll too. You can mask just about any window with these awesome blinds.

Innatbowman’s Hill Wedding Shop

weddHello guys, hope everything is going well, today we would like to talk to you about our new wedding store here in Innatbowmans. And we just got our site made by which is a south florida company specializing in websites like ours. We actually love their work and found them to be the #1 web developer team we have ever worked with. And trust us, we have worked with a lot of them!

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Moreover, getting married is something that is very special and we are here to guide you through.

It can and will be a difficult task to have a successful wedding and still be under budget and not be buried under a lot of credit card debt.

So if you are a new bride and are looking for professional advice, you have arrived at the correct place and we are ready to help you out with whatever you might need.

You can also give us a call or shoot over an email and we will try to reply to you individually. Another thing that can be hard is finding mother of the groom dresses when you are at stores. A lot of wedding gowns are made at different sizes. This is why you should go and visit Say Yes Bridal Online, here’s the direct link They are one of the best online bridal shops and make all their dresses in all sizes which is great for everyone. Make sure to visit their site soon for more specials.

Another thing that we just got at our wedding shop are these nice blackout shades they keep out all the sunlight which is great for our brides. I got those blackout shades and other treatments at The Prime Go to for roman shades. For bamboo blinds I would go to  That means that no light comes through with these window treatments and they can see how great the dress really looks on them. For the future you can go to for all the blinds that they sell at and also  For the best faux wood blinds or vertical blinds go to these links. They also sell solar shades , blackout shades and motorized blinds at great prices. I would personally get these window shades so that they match my homes decor. Blackout shades or solar shades are really a great option for all bridal shops if you ask me.